There is no doubt about it, we are in the midst of some difficult times right now.  With the growing demand to socially distance ourselves, people are finding more and more ways to connect via online sources.  In order to do this, though, you need internet and that’s where you can count on WiLogic.  Whether you need to connect with staff or have a surprise Dirty Thirty Zoom Party for your friend Liz, WiLogic offers high speed internet you can rely on.

WiLogic Broadband Services can be delivered through our State of the Art Private Wireless Infrastructure, traditional copper lines terminated to your building or Fiber Optic in qualified areas.

Through our decades of business networking experience, we can effectively deliver the quality and quantity of bandwidth necessary to keep your applications fast, your projects successful and your business, or zoom parties for Liz, on the cutting edge.

Do you need business lines or home phone service?  We have that too!  WiLogic, Inc. offers all of the expandability, versatility and functionality once only available to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Because WiLogic owns and maintains its own switching platform, we can offer all of these features to residential and small businesses that require 1 line to large corporations that require over a 1000.

WiLogic features include: Hosted Voicemail, Music On Hold, Find Me/Follow Me, Remote Call Forward, Local and Remote Paging, Auto-Attendant, Multi Level Auto-Attendants, Conferencing, Multi Location Integration, Single Button Dial, Door Phone Entry……

And list goes on…

Our WiLogic representatives will build Your phone service plan around your home or business needs to maximize efficiency, improve service and save money.