As we’ve moved further and further to a “Virtual” society with much of our lives requiring an App, Plug In or simply the availability of an On-Line resource, there are times when the “Hurry up and wait” spinning circle in the middle of your screen rears it’s evil head. But… This may OR may not be your internet provider. To successfully go from a device to the internet seems simple enough, but, there are a couple things that come into play when making this “Virtual” journey. Is your device connected wirelessly? Wifi for example. The slowness could be occurring because your device and your wireless access point are having issues communicating. This could be occurring due to the Firmware the devices are running, the distance from the AP or simply the age of the devices in question. Issues with Desktop Computers directly connected to the home router are sometimes the computer itself. For Example, inadequate RAM, Older Slower Hard Drive, or just not a fast enough CPU to keep up with today’s standards. Point is, there are many examples of a “Slow Internet” experience that is a local issue to your home or business rather than a major issue with the provider itself. At WiLogic we have technicians to assist in honing in on what your issue is, AND, give you advice and solutions on how to get all of the devices talking nicely to each other. A Digital Therapists as it were. As simple as On-Line Life can be. sometimes you just need that extra helping hand to keep the Digital Frontier smooth and keep in the information flowing when and where you need it.