Yes, Wilogic has an App for that.

With this unprecedented shift from “Brick and Mortar” working environments to the “Home Office or “Kitchen Table”,  communications portability has become paramount. WiLogic’s VOIP Phones can be connected anywhere there is an internet connection making any “Kitchen Table” your new place of business, but we didn’t want to stop there. So the next logical question was, what if you don’t have the “Home Office or “Kitchen Table”?  Well then you use the App. A truly portable Communications option with World Wide capabilities. Your office is now wherever and whenever you are. The App links into your WiLoigc Phone System and links you to the entire myriad of feature sets that come with WiLogic Phone Service. Picking up an incoming call, parking a call, transferring to another colleague, conference calling, all the things that you can do from your desk phone, you can do from the App as well from anywhere.

Communications is never about only one thing and at WiLogic we have the complete communications system that will make your business portable, efficient and dynamic.