WiLogic first started as a Fixed Point Wireless Internet Service Provider in 2002, covering areas that were underserved for High Speed Broadband in Orange County.It was 2005 when our client’s needs and requests ushered us into the Voice World. Having background in voice switching, it was a natural addition to our Broadband Internet Offerings and was the launching pad for more features and options for our clients. With that, we built, tested and implemented our first Soft-Switch Platform and co-located the hardware in data centers in Orange County. Other companies had beat us to market in the “Integrated Circuit” arena but with many issues and a less than admirable reputation. WiLogic was able to bypass their mistakes and come into the market with a clean well rounded solution that was reliable and made financial sense. Telecom is an industry not for the faint of heart. It demands respect and thirsts for new technology bringing forth cutting edge new feature sets. We have stayed in front of the curve and still enjoy implementing the amazing advances our industry produces and our clients require.