From the old to the new.

Traditional Legacy Phone Systems were behemoths requiring their main “Controllers” to be mounted on the wall of your phone room and physically wired to each phone station in your office. This inherently limited businesses to local feature sets with little or no field attributable capabilities at all. But, these are all things you know from times past and an overabundance of office experiences.

So why is VOIP so different?

Well, this is a Matrix “There is no Spoon” kind of moment! The old Giant Phone System Controller mounted in the Phone Room now disappears and is replaced by ……

By what?

Well, by a “Hosted” platform available on the Internet. So, by definition, instead of your phone system being only “Local” to your office, your Phone System now has become global. You can set up extensions all over the world all linked together as a single system just for your business. So all of those features, such as; Voice Mail, IVR, Find Me Follow Me, Dial by Ext, Forward to VM, Call Parking, Call Transfers, Conf Calling, SMS, FAX to Email, Email to FAX, ect.. ect.. now reside wherever your phone is connected to the internet. This alone is pretty incredible, BUT, there’s more!

When you include the availability of Cell Phone Apps which link directly into your New VOIP Phone System, then you have a highly versatile interconnected phone network that can be managed from anywhere with extensions available everywhere. For the most part, if you have an Internet Device, then you have a phone. It essentially makes everything portable and everyone accessible.

VOIP made the “Internet” the new “Phone Line” and the World your new coverage area.