With break-ins and commercial crime on the rise in parts of Orange County, CA, business owners and home owners are looking to systems that provide better security.

If your business has copper that thieves can remove from the walls or the warehouse, your insurance policy may require you to have security cameras in strategic locations.

You have several factors to evaluate when choosing a video surveillance system:

  1. Clarity and Speed – The resolution (clarity) of the video images will dictate how much detail you can see. When you install cameras with low clarity, your videotape will show blurred footage. That’s not very helpful when you are looking for identifying characteristics about an individual on the tape like tattoos or logos on clothing. The frame rate (speed) determines how smoothly the images are shown. The slower the speed, the “jumpier” your footage will be.
  2. Wifi – Most systems use Wifi during live filming. Make sure your WiFi in your business or home can process enough data.
  3. View – Would be thieves try to find “blind spots” where they can hide from cameras. Make sure that your video surveillance cameras are installed where they have some overlap in their field of view. Talk to a professional security camera installation team before you start to drill holes in your walls.