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WiLogic offers high-speed broadband internet and business-grade telephone service perfect for any company size. From enterprise to small business, we have you covered!
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Integrated Communication and Broadband Internet Services from WiLogic


Digital Voice Services

WiLogic specializes in business grade, feature-rich phone services for businesses of any size.


Voice & Data

Our Broadband Services can be delivered through our Private Wireless Infrastructure or traditional copper lines.

Communicator GO App

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows you to make and receive calls on your cell phone using your WiLogic Account

Camera Systems

Comprehensive Camera Systems that provide a safer Work Environment, Theft and Vandalism Deterrents and Piece of Mind.

WiLogic Studios

Video and Commercial Creation accessible to your Business Budget

Why Choose WiLogic?

We're Part of Your Team

At WiLogic, we believe in building relationships that will last. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and become a part of your team. Your success is our genuine desire.

Five-Star Support

We understand the stress of thinking that you’re going to miss a prime opportunity. That’s why we provide five-star assistance to our clients and make efforts to return all inquiries in a timely fashion.

Experienced, Knowledgable Experts

Since 2002, our experts have served more than 200 local businesses. Our highly trained staff of experts has seen it all and has the experience needed to deliver results.

Genuine Care for You and Your Needs

We too were once a small business. We appreciate clients in the area who allowed us to grow, which is one of the reasons we value the community and fellow local business owners

Based on 31 Reviews
Esther K.
Esther K.
2021-06-30 11:36:55
I had a discovery call with Kelly; she was very professional and informative. I wanted to learn about transitioning from Google voice to an actual business...
Rodger M.
Rodger M.
2021-06-22 14:25:44
I've been with WiLogic for more than 4 years. They have the best customer service and they are an outstanding solution provider. My Internet area had...
Penny G.
Penny G.
2021-04-28 09:52:18
Our office switched to VOIP right before COVID hit (Nov/Dec 2019). Let me tell you, it has been a life saver. Wilogic helped us make sure that we were able...
Edward P.
Edward P.
2021-04-27 07:27:35
Have been using their VOIP solution for over a year. The price is right and it has gotten rid of the last landline for the business. An app allows for...
John M.
John M.
2021-04-21 13:14:12
I switched my VOIP service over to Wilogic a couple of years ago and have been VERY happy with their service. The price was very competitive but the real...