It seems like plain old text is old-fashioned in the year 2019. While text used to be the primary form of communication on the internet, today’s speeds allow internet users to stream HD videos without wasting a single moment on buffering. Even if you don’t want to watch a video or you can’t spare that much attention, you can listen to a podcast and enjoy some online content while you drive or go get some exercise. As for social media, you’ll see a couple of lines to explain a status update but nothing as detailed as a full blog post.

So where does that leave text blogs? As it turns out, text is doing better than you might expect. Text blogs offer several advantages over other formats, including when it comes to search engine optimization. Social media is a good way to engage directly with your customers or your audience in Mt. Laurel, but if you want people to find your website a steady blog is an excellent tool.

SEO Effects
47 percent of buyers—customers who eventually purchase something from an online store—will start by browsing through 3 to 5 pieces of content products before they contact a sales rep or buy something. As a result, companies in Orange County, CA that maintain blogs with consistent updates can expect 67 percent more sales leads than a company site with no blog or an inactive blog. Clearly someone is reading these articles and liking what they see, and clearly search engines are spotting these articles and directing people to these websites.

Blogs As Marketing
This is why digital marketing companies in Mt. Laurel and elsewhere all recommend creating and maintaining blogs as a critical feature for any company website. Even if it’s not the best content and even if it’s not the main point of your website, having these regular updates can improve your search engine rankings and bring more traffic to your site. Search engine users are more likely to pick higher-ranked sites, especially if they’re on the first page, so boosting your rank can make a huge difference.

Writing Issues
Not everyone is a published author, and not everyone can write well enough to be engaging. Thousands, possibly millions of people have tried their hand at blogging only to become discouraged when they have trouble coming up with new post ideas or when they don’t see an immediate response. However, writing is a skill anyone can pick up with enough practice, and if you learn how to write with keywords in mind and learn other SEO tricks you’ll notice your posts start to become more effective at drawing in traffic.

Text and long blog posts might not be the most flashy or in-fashion content on the internet, but they still take up a vast amount of online real estate. Blog posts are also an essential part of any company’s SEO strategy, and if you want to draw search engine users to your site then on-brand blog posts will do the job. So long as your content is completely original, makes use of keywords, and engages a casual reader, your site will see its traffic increase.