Digital marketing campaigns can be very targeted or very broad. All marketing campaigns should have a goal, whether it is to spread awareness about your brand or business, or just to increase sales. There are always the same elements to every campaign, however, no matter which marketing channel you use.

The Advertisement

Whether it is free or paid, an advertisement is the way that you reach your customer first. An advertisement in digital marketing can be a pay-per-click ad, or an unpaid social media post. It can even be the organic search result on Google when someone types your business or brand’s name into the search bar.

The Conversion

Conversions are actions that someone takes once they see your advertisement. A conversion can be a phone call, an online purchase, or just filling out a contact form.

The Sale

Sometimes the conversion is the sale (for e-commerce), but if it’s not, it’s up to you as the salesperson to close the sale once a person contacts you. By closing the sale, you are able to generate the revenue that makes your marketing efforts worthwhile.

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