As the coronavirus has made its way around the world, everyone is left scrambling with how to make changes to deal with the pandemic. Public safety is at the top of everyone’s concerns and governments have responded by asking individuals to stay at home as much as possible and to avoid large crowds. This has led to many places closing down for an indefinite amount of time or trying to find a way to reach their consumers while limiting contact.

There has been a shift in behaviors as people are not traveling to work, going out to eat, and avoiding other public areas. With more people staying inside and likely spending more time online, digital marketing is one of the best defenses a company might have against the coronavirus.

Cancellations mean that companies are currently eating costs. Off-screen advertising such as billboards is currently not going to be as effective as there are fewer people traveling. Now is the time to invest more into your digital marketing strategy and your online ad campaigns. It is important to focus on a digital transformation at this point.

Focusing on your digital marketing at this point is important as more people are turning to online sources for more of their needs.